Father’s Day Dinner@Kovan 212 Kopitiam

This kopitiam, have been one of our family’s comfort makan places and to be exact, quite at the top. Reasons being that, 1) it’s accessible with sufficient parking, 2) reasonably-priced food and 3) all the foods there are all of some standards (you know how some places with only ONE popular stall but all the rest are… …), but Here, all the stalls are I would say <thumbs up, thumbs up>. =)

So, for this blog post, we are back again for Father’s Day dinner!!!! Let’s get started!!!

Usually, we will order from multiple stalls so, I will touch on the mains from the zichar stall first.

Chilli CrabSss…($48 for 3pcs)
Fried Mantous ($0.50/pc)
Seafood Toufu Stew

The highlight of the chilli crabs here is the sauce. This spicy sauce (though might not be a problem for those who can take really spicy food..) is not very gluey yet not very watery too, just the right kind of consistency for dipping the fried mantous in. As for the crabs, the crabs here are not those Big Big Sri Lankan ones but @ $38 – $45 for 3 crabs, they are considered decent and better than some other places offering the same type of crabs. But do keep in mind, for these ‘special priced’ crabs, you can only choose 1 sauce for all. However, for this meal itself, compared to previous tries, one of the 3 crabs is not really fresh so abit disappointing. The seafood toufu stew is quite savory as the sauce goes very well with the rice, especially for those who cannot take spicy. Vegetables are fresh and toufu are soft and silky.

Grilled Stingray ($16)

For the stingray above, it is from the grill stall. This is a normal dish in many hawker centres and I have tried from quite a number of places. However, the one here really caters to my taste as the chilli they used is spicy with a tinge of sweetness but not overly sweet. This stall also have the usual sotong, lala, usual greens like kangkong etc. But just a sidenote, the uncle does not really have a friendly look but he’s ok..lols..

Pork Satay with Ketupats

This satay stall just started probably 1,2 years ago. It was also quite a 老招牌 previously but think the old auntie aged le and therefore, decided to stop her business. However, this new stall I must say is really 青出于蓝…The meat is very juicy and the sauce is very fragrant. Ketupat is the old school type and of course, is soft and chewy. They sell nice bbq chicken wings too (but we did not order that day..). Best of all, owners are damn friendly and you will feel happy ordering from them..hee..

Fried Chicken Wings

The reason why we did not order the BBQ chicken wings. These wings are from the western food stall and I have eaten like 3-4 times from them. This stall is a hit-&-miss coz’ their standards sort of fluctuates. On this special day I would say..it’s on the ‘down’ side, so we sort of ‘regretted’ choosing them over the bbq ones.

Ok..so that’s all for Father’s Day dinner. I actually can’t remember all the stall names. So, here’s a not very nice photo of the kopitiam’s name.

Blk 212, Hougang Street 21, (S) 530212

It is round the corner from the famous Nakhon Thai Kitchen, and after the roti prata shop. Other than the food above, the fishball noodles stall always have a lonng queue too coz’ its nice too. You can try out if you are a fishball noodles lover..and 1 last thing, the ice lemon tea here is the Best (in my opinion lah..haha..)!!!

End of 1st blog post. Hope it is ok and feel free to leave some recommendations for me too!!! Till then, ;p


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