Movies in June & July 2016

I have watched like the most movies-in-a-day in my life on 30th June 2016 as the tix that Sis bought were expiring soon and since, me the Unemployed, is the free-est one now, I actually went to ‘utilize’ those tix before they reached their ‘ends’..haha..

So, on 30th June 2016, I went to ICA before bringing 小红 for some repairs to the side mirror. After dropping off 小红, I started my movie stunt. I went to Jcube Shaw and watched Central Intelligence by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). I must say, I really like watching movies on weekdays, especially those about to end movies, coz not much people in the same theatre as you. I have counted and think there were less than 15people in the big iMax theatre and the aircon, space all shiok ttm..haha..The movie was funny and entertaining – a good start to my day ahead.

After that, the workshop called saying 小红 was ready for collection, so I had to sadly leave Jcube Shaw as I really like the theatre there. I collected 小红 and proceeded to Shaw Lido as I’m meeting Sis there after her work for more movies. By the time I reached, only in time for 1 movie so I went for Independence Day: Resurgence starring Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Jessie T. Usher etc and also Chin Han from SG..I was actually not expecting much as I’m all along not a ‘alien’ person so I initially just wanted to use the tix. But then, I was WRONG..the movie was so nice..though the storyline was not really focused alot on each individual, but I think that makes you more focused on the story itself. The scenes were quite intense and the technics and all were very well-done. The best part is, no good person dies in the show (I meant the main characters..) and it’s really a all ends up well, I like it..haha..

Then, my sis came and we continued with The Legend of Tarzan and it is another very well-executed show. It is only a 110mins show but you get 2 stories at the end – the present and Tarzan’s past. The director had done well in portraying these 2 stories and not confusing audiences at the same time. I think this is a movie worth buying a tix to watch. The last movie we watched was Finding Dory as we wanted a cute show to end our day..lols.. It was okay and cute as imagined but no wow factor though. However, I think it is still better than Ice Age, as I really don’t understand the purpose of the spaceship throughout the show..haha..(purely my own opinion though..).

After so many movies in a day, I rested a while and watched my 1st movie in July yesterday – Ghostbusters.

Photo from Shaw website (

This is like a childhood show..I remembered watching it on TV vaguely and the song which they played at the start of the show brought me back to my childhood memories again. The show, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wigg, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth etc, was nice. Visuals of the ghosts were done well and for the 1st time in so long, Sis actually told me the movie was quite nice (she usually slept, even during Tarzan..<roll eyes>). So, I would say it is really nice. It is a show with abit of scare with more humour and I like the cast too, especially Chris lah..I actually like Kate McKinnon coz she is abit of a ‘siao gia’ in the show but she looks so natural starring that role.

So, after this long page, I would recommend to those who have not watch, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Legend of Tarzan and Ghostbusters.

Photos from Shaw website (http://www/

For me, I am thinking of watching Alice Through the Looking Glass next..seems nice..Byee.. =)


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