SaturDay with Mum & Sis..

Had a day out with Mum & Sis last Saturday. Went to Spa Rael for a very comfortable massage. As it was a Saturday, it was very crowded there as compared to weekdays which you can really feel tranquility. However, the service did not drop much though. The pantry lady served us tea (ginger or green) while waiting and the whole experience was elevated as I had made a last minute request for a 3rd massage (had originally booked for 2pax) early in the morning. I had thought that no chance liao, but surprisingly, Spa Rael was able to accommodate that. That to me, is a PLUSss!!! as most of the time, I would go for massages with my Sis and Mum (sometimes my dad too..hee..) and most of the massage places cannot accommodate so many at the same time and so last minute. Anyways, we are all super satisfied with the massage especially my Sis. She was still full of praises about it the next day. =) Too bad, I was running abit late that day and it was quite crowded too, so not much photos taken. Will do so on my next visit. ;p

After the massage, we were hungry to the max and so, we decided to go to Aperia Mall to check out Haha Sushi as Mum had a craving for salmon sashimi for a while. Reached Aperia Mall at around 2.30pm and found out that they only serve tea-time desserts from 3pm onwards, so we thought that no need to eat liao. However, the staff at Haha Sushi are the best. They informed us about the timing and told us that they can still serve us as it was only 2.30pm. So, we sat down and ordered our 1st round and the kind-hearted staff served my mum complimentary green tea (think coz she’s senior..lols..), but then, how many restaurants do that???

Then we ordered another round with more sashimi and some other items. But, the thing that really warmed me was that the staff did not appear to be unhappy/frustrated with us this bunch of 不速之客s thus, not making us feel unwelcome. I think this is something which some restaurants are lacking – Service and really, sometimes people return for the service that they received over food, as humans still goes for these little little interactions. Moreover, the food is good at Haha Sushi too.. =) So, here’s the photos..

All the food were above average and according to Mum (coz I don’t eat sashimi..), the salmon was very fresh. One that you can miss would be the fried salmon skin. I am not too sure whether it’s because of the rush that day or it’s originally like this, but they are like soft and not crunchy so it’s not to our liking. But the one that you have to try would be the teriyaki chicken!!! (it was highly raved by other bloggers too..). It may be a tad bit salty but it will definitely go well with a bowl of white rice, so I would recommend trying their teriyaki chicken don (about $8.90??) for a full stomach..hee..So that’s all for our SaturDay’s outing.

The prices and food quality here is around Sushi Tei’s standard but while Sushi Tei is accessible with more branches around, I think the catch with Haha Sushi is the service of the staff and the peace that one can feel while dining.

Haha Sushi Japanese Restaurant

12 Kallang Ave, #02-07/08,

Aperia Mall, (S) 339511

More info on their website..




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