Movie Review: SkipTrace

Watched SkipTrace featuring Jackie Chan, Johnny Knoxville, Fan Bing Bing (Fan BB) etc yesterday’s night with family at Shaw Lido.

Photo taken from Shaw website (

This show is mainly about the process of Jackie Chan finding and bringing Knoxville back to Hong Kong after Knoxville got his god-daughter, Fan BB into trouble with big-time crime boss. However, after much difficulties getting back to HK as the crime boss is also hunting them down as Knoxville holds evidence against them, they found out a secret behind this crime group.

It is basically just another Jackie Chan’s show – fighting scenes and lots of Jackie Chan’s humor in it. Having said that, I still enjoyed the movie as I think that movies should be entertaining. Though there might be people who like those ‘chim’ movie which you might not even understand what they are showing at the end, my personal preference is still something which I can watch and laugh along with it and my stress be gone..lols..

So, I would highly recommend this movie – SkipTrace for:

  1. We have not seen Jackie Chan for a long time.
  2. Story quite well laid so that you do not feel boring and will really go along with the story.
  3. Nice sceneries eg. Mongolia, Gobi Desert etc with different culture groups in the movie.
  4. Action-packed scenes with funny lines and an unexpected twist at the end.

So, for Jackie Chan’s fans and those who just want to chill and relax after a day’s work, go and watch SkipTrace and you will definitely walk out of the cinema stress-free.

Ok, that’s for now..Byee!!! =)


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